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1. Boar Dungeon
The boar king will keep spawning again after killing it. The boar monsters and boar king will respawn with 2 levels higher when they reappear. With some luck and your ability, you can get as many items as you can within 20 minutes.

2. Game Center Achievements fixed
Trial rooms to Game center Achievements are currently broken. It's been fixed and you will see the results via Game Center.
3. Fixed Set items
Some of Set Items added on last update has some defects. Even if you have all the available set items, you won't equip them all at the same time.
So, we have changed the types of some items.
Earring of Monk->Necklace of Monk
Earring of Leonidas->Necklace of Leonidas
Earring of Ishtar->Necklace of Ishtar

If you have the items listed above, this change will not alter the name but the types. If you equip the above items again, it will be equipped on the necklace section.


See for more details. Available on US App Store on November 12, 2011.

  1. Universal App
  2. Customizing control option added on iPad
  3. New Boar Dungeon maps added
  4. Defense Dungeon maps added for Achivements on Game Center
  5. New Set Items Added
  6. Effectiveness of 1st grade crystals improved
  7. HP Regen and MP Regen time shortened to every 1 second from 2 seconds.
  8. Amount of MP recovery by MP Regen skills doubled.
  9. Maximum Block rate is set to 75 percentage.


See for more details.

  1. Kremlin's Crystal Vault Maps added.
  2. Duration of Power dungeon increased to 30 min.
  3. Blade skill increased to 20th levels.
  4. Maximum numbers of Blade summoning monsters increased to 5.
  5. Item Drop rate in power dungeon readjusted.
  6. Auto-Save feature added in Settings menu.
  7. Buff Skill Duration increased.
  8. More metals by melting items for Alchemy.
  9. Aurum Blade Facebook page shortcuts added on the main menu.
  10. Bugs fixed and balancing issues readjusted.


See for more details.

  1. Playing Aurum Blade does not stop iPod music.
  2. No instant death with exploding barrels and boxes.
  3. Duration of Power Dungeon decreased.
  4. Death penalty increased.
  5. Crystal bag is available for increasing crystal inventory slots.
  6. Wider range of Set items can be looted in Power Dungeon.
  7. Effectiveness of Set and Legendary items over 100 levels is highly increased.
  8. Minor bugs and UI problems fixed.
  9. 'Aurum Blade Free' changed to 'Aurum Blade*' in AppStore.
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