Sigmund is the red haired guy who uses 2 handed weapons. This guide is for Dual Weapons.

IMO he is for advanced and patient players,

Lets start with Cons


  • Difficult to Start with since you can die easily on low levels if you just slash carelessly without "evading"
  • Slow attack (at first until you get Dual Weapons Mastery)
  • Lowest Attack Hit ( ONLY If on Duel Weapons, max Hit is at 75 at max Bust)
  • Not for Impatient Players


  • 2nd Highest Survivability, (1st being a properly built Enoshu)
  • HIgh health and high defense
  • Ridiculously High Damage per Strike Output
  • AoE Beast
  • HIgh Crit Rate
  • High Critical Damage Output (because of high weapon damage)
  • In My Opinion, a buffer "Allen" with AoE skills

Stat Build Edit

This is my stat build, it is fairly equal and not arbitrary, "every 4 stat points, add 1 point to Vit and 3 to DEX"

and to remind myself i always add 2 dex points every "even" number levels and 1 dex 1 vit every "Odd" numbered levels

This stat build is to ensure that you have maximum damage when using dual weapons, high crit Rate, and added survivability.

Going for a pure attack damage is a rookie mistake and a very bad idea, To be able to maximize Sigmund, players will need to utilize Passive skill Potential, hence most of the time you'll need to reduce health under 40% for additional 50% damage, this yields a higher damage with higher survivability compared to just a "pure damage"

Equipments Edit

Main Weapon Choice is Polearm, the secondary weapon being Sword or Hammer,

"Stat Build is Dex and has no Str so how can you equip Polearms and Hammers? " This can be achieved easily through a "trick' but you'll need Brown Soul Crystals, "Any Socketed Pieces of equipments" and/or " any socketed Set Equips that favor STR increases". The goal here is to place brown souls onto the "equips", and then equip them, until STR requirement is met for a certain weapon,then equip weapon, and then you can safely change to your Main equipments. This can be easily done with a 3 piece Slayer Set (so keep them always in the stash) and other set items but vendor equipments are good enough too. Becuase of this, youll be able to enjoy polarms/hammers when youre far late in the game, and you'll need to spend more time on Kremlin and the Boar Dungeon to hunt for sets (you can acquire slayer sets as early as lvl 30 and this is recommended so you don't miss the level range) This trick is also applicable with allen (when using maces and axes ) and enoshu (when using shields, use VIT)

Equipment choice, combination of sets to maximize stat bonuses

example on a level 99 Sigmund

  • Head: Helm of Leonidas
  • Armor :Armor of Great General
  • Gloves: Gloves of Great General
  • Boots: Boots of Leonidas
  • Necklace: Necklace of Goguryeo
  • Ring: Ring of Goguryeo
  • Weapon One : Spear of Leonidas
  • Weapon Two : Hammer Overwhelm/Scythe of Demons (legendary)

This combination gives increased health, high resistance, bonus damage high crit rate and crit damage, and removes unnecessary bonuses, something that cannot be achieved with using a "full set"

Attributes Edit

to prioritize (in order):

  • Resist All
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Damage
  • Skill Damage
  • Crit Damage
  • Hp Steal
  • Hp Recovery

Skill Guide Edit

This is my build. 1st priority is Dual Weapons Mastery and Bust (My tip is DO NOT use any skill points until you hit level 15 so you can max this instantly and then max Bust at 21) this is for survivability purposes

At level:

  • 22, Crimson circle,
  • 23 Ultimate
  • 24, Guard Shouting
  • 25, Earth Divide
  • 26-29, Guard Shouting
  • 30, Wind Mill
  • 31-35, Guard Shouting

for the next levels, it will be up to the player to decide which to level up,

Standing fight Lifetime, Armor Mastery are priority

i recommend leveling up Crimson Circle, Earth DIvide and Wind mill ONLY UP TO LEVEL 3 (early game)), to conserve mana, and to focus skill points on passive skills that are more important, then you can max them when you feel you feel that you have high defense and can take on many enemies or when you're about to fight Marduk

Ignore "Double Falling,Dragon Awakening" as theses 2 skills are weaker compared to the three damage skills and it doesn't synergize well with standing fight.

Ultimate, sharpening and finish blow should be given attention only at late game/hardcore mode and weapons mastery is on your own judgement

when you feel you can manage group of mobs, you can start focusing on Potential and Power Potion

Blade Edit

Recommended Blade is Fire Blade so you can recast skills specifically standing fight. Other blades might have some uses but only on some circumstances. Most people use stone blade because of Mana steal but then whats the use of potions? Also Ice Blade is useless at high levels but might be useful at low levels. I stay Away from Aurum Blade because you can easily break out from Potential, which is not really recommended.

Battle Strategies Edit

Early game, Hit and Run, so you can "evade" enemy attacks, study their attack patterns so you can move back before it hits you. when you start using skills on a group of mobs, use this combo Standing fight > Crimson circle >Windmill > Earth Divide, all of this skills can be achieved while under standing fight buff (3 secs) When you feel you can utilize potential effectively, keep in mind that you should minimize your HP steal and Hp Recovery so you wont break away from potential easily BUT you'll need lots of health potions enough to cover just about 25-30% of your health (keep in mind the level of your power potion, even at level 200 my power potion is only at level 5) This strategy is only for advanced players with quick hands

The whole guide mainly focused on prioritizing high defense , since youll get much higher damage when at Low health

Thats it, I enjoyed Sigmund more than Allen , IMO Sigmund is better than Allen (Sorry Allen fans), he has more defense, more damage output, same crit rate, but higher critical damage output (because of attack damage) the only downside is "slower attack speed" but its not really a big deal since its NOT really slow.