The one and only village in the game. Contains the Library, Novelist Header, a Warp Gate, the Personal Stash, the Statue of Healing, the Weapon, Armor, General, and Alchemy merchants, Alchemist Flamel, and the Power Dungeon Gate.

There are paths to Kremlin's Crystal Vaults and Way To The Tower.

Statue of HealingEdit

The Statue of Healing will give full HP and MP for some gold.

Weapon Merchant RalphEdit

Sells Weapons. Changes selection randomly every time the map is refreshed.

Armor Merchant DaltonEdit

Sells Armor. Changes selection randomly every time the map is refreshed.

General Merchant ChristinaEdit

Sells potions and town scrolls.

  • Small Healing Potion - 400 hp, 100 gold
  • Medium Healing Potion - 1000 hp, 750 gold
  • Large Healing Potion - 2000 hp, 2000 gold
  • Small Mana Potion - 200 mp, 250 gold
  • Medium Mana Potion - 450 mp, 1000 gold
  • Large Mana Potion - 1000 mp, 3000 gold
  • Town Scroll - 2000 gold

Flamel's DaughterEdit

Sells alchemy melting potions. Unlocked after one of Alchemist Flamel's quests.

  • Iron Dissolving Solution - 100 gold
  • Lead Dissolving Solution - 200 gold
  • Copper DIssolving Solution - 600 gold
  • Mercury Dissolving Solution - 800 gold
  • Silver Dissolving Solution - 1200 gold (unlocked after quest)
  • Gold Dissolving Solution - 2500 gold (unlocked after quest)
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