A cool and calm Traveller offers a number of quests based on his desire for revenge from childhood slights. He is found on the floor that the quest monster is contained on.
  1. Kill Urukhai, miniboss on 10th floor Way to the Quarry 2.
  2. Kill 20 Ogres on 13th floor.
  3. Kill 20 Lizardman Snipers on 15th floor.
  4. Kill 20 Stone Lionmen on 18th floor. Reward: ? xp, ? gold, Recipe: Necklace of Patience.
  5. Kill 20 Ogre Mages on 21st floor. Reward: ? XP, ? Gold, Armor of Revenge (59 Def Armor, L62, +20 STR, +10 DEX, +6 All Stats), Recipe: Robe of the Alchemist.
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