The Power Dungeon is a special dungeon that is accessible only through using special Power Dungeon tickets. Players can enter from the Power Dungeon crystal in town, or from the pause menu. Players are given a 30-minute time limit to complete as much of the dungeon as possible. Each player receives a free Power Dungeon ticket daily, which does not accumulate over multiple days. Power Dungeon tickets can be purchased with Gems as well.

The monsters in the Power Dungeon spawn at one level higher than the player except the dungeon boss (2 levels higher). This gives a significant amount of experience, but can slow down the player's rate of killing monsters since they cannot level up higher than the monsters. Early dungeon levels are normal monsters, but later levels are filled with monsters that deal elemental damage.

There are 3 parts of the dungeon -- one non-elemental and two elemental. Each part has about 7 rooms and is connected by a warp crystal (green and red). The boss room is a separated level (you will see a stair case going up) and has no monter except the boss. After defeating the boss, you have roughly 5 seconds to pick up its drops, or you will automatically be warped out of the dungeon.

Items dropped in the Power Dungeon tend to be 0-15 levels higher than the player's current level. There is also a high chance of dropping Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Set items.

The game cannot be saved while in the Power Dungeon. The player can quit the Power Dungeon from the pause menu at any time. If the player dies in the Power Dungeon, they are returned to town without the usual death penalty (10% experience and 20% gold). If the player leaves the game for too long (several hours) while in the Power Dungeon, they will be returned to the main menu, effectively losing any items or experience gained since entering the Power Dungeon. Because of the limitation on saving, any action that results in an immediate save will be prohibited: Enchanting items, dissolving items, etc. Crystals can still be upgraded to save inventory space.

  • Ensure you have as many clear inventory spaces as possible on your character before entering the Power Dungeon. Put into your stash any items you won't need: Town Scrolls, quest items, items that are more than 3 levels above your character, dissolving solutions, enchanting stones, etc.
  • Bring the highest level Blades (or weapon) you can to maximize your killing speed and obtain more item drops.
  • Bring some equipment with high elemental resists, since later dungeon levels are full of elemental monsters.
  • Pick and keep only the items you need. Remove unnecessary items when you pick them up. Consider bringing in equipment that will be discarded when you level up.
  • Keep an eye on the map layout. If trying to reach the end of the Power Dungeon, you will have to bypass rooms that are dead-ends.