The Novelist Header in the village offers a side quest line that goes from the very beginning of the game through nearly the end.
  1. Material: Skeleton Mage - Kill 10 Skeleton Mages on 2nd floor.
  2. Materials for paper - Get 15 Stiff Corrugated Cardboards from Wooden Golems on 4th floor.
  3. Material: Lizardman Wanderer - Kill 15 Lizardman Wanderers on 6th floor.
  4. Material: Wild Hammer - Kill Wild Hammer on 8th floor.
  5. Investigating of the Enchanted Altar - Get Research Record of Enchantment from 9th floor Golden Workroom 5, located in the large room.
  6. Material: Orc Warrior - Kill 20 Orc Warriors on 10th or 11th floor.
  7. Material: Gnoll Warrior - Kill 15 Gnoll Warriors on 12th floor.
  8. Material for an eraser - Get 15 Soft Erasers from Orc Elites on 14th floor.
  9. Material: Salamander - Defeat Salamander on 15th floor, Refuge of Flame 3.
  10. Itchy Head - Get 15 Sharp Jawbones from Warrior Sharkmen on 17th floor.
  11. Itchy Head 2 - Get a Very Sharp Jawbone from the Megalodon on the 19th floor. There is one respawning Megalodon in Place of Traps 4, and several others which only spawn once (when you trigger the orb traps).
  12. Wound - Get Ointment of Miracles from 20th floor, Room of the Cure 3. In a treasure box that is only accessible from the middle exit of Room of the Cure 2.
  13. Cover decoration - Twinkling Canine from the Crazy Cannon on 22nd floor. Reward: 10000 XP, 2000 gold, Necklace of Honor (L63 Necklace, 148 MP, +100% XP, +10 VIT, + two random stats), 2 Skill Points.
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