Materials are used in Alchemy, along with metals, to create new items. The metals are made by melting items with melting potions, which can be purchased from Alchemist Flanel's daughter in Shining Dawn Village. Particular materials are acquired from specific types of monsters.

  • Scale of Fish - Fishmen, Octopussies
  • Scale of Dragon - Lizardmen
  • Root Piece of Yggdrarsil - Iron Golems
  • Seed of the Tree Spirit - Gnolls, Orcs, Werewolves
  • Aromatic Herb Leaf - Ogres
  • Golden Fruit Seed - Goblins
  • Petal of Edelweiss - Dwarves
  • Truffle - Boarmen, Lionmen
  • Wet Moss - Alligators, Iron Chin (Quarry of Dwarfs)
  • Pure Salt Crystals - Skeletons
  • Natural Sulfur Powder - Wooden Golems
  • Piece of Runestone - Minibosses.
    • Urukhai, (10th floor)
    • Megalodon, (19th floor)
  • Fragment of Mother Earth - Minibosses.
    • Wooden Forester, (4th floor) Miniature Garden 2
    • Fire Showers, (14th floor, only appear once)
  • Crystal of Flame - Minibosses.
    • Cannon, (22nd floor)
  • Marble of Life - Minibosses.
    • Thriller, (3rd floor) Place of Record 4.
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