The main quest involves chasing Duke Marduk through the Philospher's Tower.

  1. New Weapon - Get equipment from Weapons Merchent Ralph in Shining Dawn Village.
  2. Simon's Call - Meet Simon in the Way to the Tower. Rewards: ? xp, ? gold, 5 small healing potions, 1 Town Scroll.
  3. To The Philosopher's Tower - Go inside the Tower and reach the end of the 1st floor.
  4. To the Next Floor - Continue to 2nd floor, open Gold Box just before stairs to 3rd floor.
  5. Suspicious Symbol - Speak to Simon in the Library. Rewards: 50 EXP, 200 Gold. He tells you to meet the Alchemist Flamel above the Library.
  6. Seal of the Stone Blade - Open the Stone Blade Gate on the Way to the Tower. Rewards: 50 EXP, 200 Gold
  7. A New Force - Clear the Stone Blade Dungeon and return to Simon.
  8. Chasing Marduk - Find Marduk's trail on the 3rd floor, Place of Record 3.
  9. A suspicious stone - Kill Thriller on 3rd floor, Place of Record 4.
  10. Doubt about the tower - Follow Celty's path into the tower. Will automatically be replaced with next quest.
  11. Wooden Forester - Kill the Wooden Forester in the Minature Garden and return the Crystal Pocket to Kremlin. Reward: ? XP, ? gold, a random L7 crystal.
  12. Chasing Marduk - Go to stairs in Forest of Life 3.
  13. Flaming Forest - Defeat the Wooden Destructor.
  14. Spirit of the Forest - Speak with the Spirit in Forest of Life 4.
  15. Evidence - Speak with Simon in the Library.
  16. Chasing Marduk II - Run Lola, Run.
  17. Blocked road - Operate the switch in the Place of Dazzlement
  18. Gorgon's antidote - Kill the Gorgon and get Kazaam the antidote
  19. Goblin's alliance - Kill 20 Dwarf Warriors on 8th floor.
  20. Dwarf's area - Speak to Kazaam at 8th floor Dwarf Area 1.
  21. Dwarf's alliance - Kill 30 Goblins on 8th floor.
  22. Kill the CHaos Golem - Defeat the Chaos Golem.
  23. Marduk's Conspiracy - Chase Marduk to the 13th floor. Reward: ? xp, ? gold, Class 4 Red Crystal.
  24. Blocked passage - Go through Quarry of the Dwarfs to get to 11th floor.
  25. Flame control device - Press the RED switch in Reactor Control Room to turn off the fire blocking the stairs.
  26. Unquenchable furnace - Chase Marduk to the 14th floor, Inextinguishable Blast Furnace 6.
  27. Marduk's interference - Kill 3 Fire Showers.
  28. To the Laboratory of Flame Ductility - Go to 15th floor's Room of Fire Transmutation
  29. Chasing Gordon - Go inside the jump circle and defeat the Goblin Lord.
  30. The Philosopher's Stone - Kill Marduk. Or at least go to the jump portal on the 16th floor.
  31. Broken Jump Portal - Speak to the Dwarf next to the broken portal. Reward: ? xp, ? gold, Class 4 Blue Crystal.
  32. Fix Jump Portal - Speak to Kraken in Kraken Lair 5.
  33. Kill the Kraken - Defeat Kraken in Kraken Lair 5.
  34. The Spirit of Water - Speak to the Spirit of Water on 16th floor's Water Temple 3.
  35. Kill the Spirit of Water - Defeat the Spirit.
  36. The Dimensional Stardust - Talk to the Spirit again to obtain the stardust.
  37. Fix the Jump Portal II - Take Stardust of Dimension back to the jump portal.
  38. Kill Marduk - Go to 17th floor. Are you sensing a theme yet?
  39. Recapture the weapons workshop - Destroy the Dimension Portal in 18th floor's Ancient Weapon Forge.
  40. Recapture the armor workshop - Destroy the Dimension Portal in the 18th floor's Ancient Armor Forge.
  41. To Kazzam - Speak again to Kazzam in 18th floor Ancient Ruins 1.
  42. Chasing Marduk - Chase to the 20th floor.
  43. To the blue switch - Change all four switches on 19th floor to blue. It's a trap!
  44. To the healing lab - Go to the Healing Lab on the 20th floor.
  45. The Request of Kiri - Stop Marduk from making the Philosopher's Stone. Speak to Celty on the 21st floor near the stairs.
  46. The Immortal Elixir - Get Elixir of Immortality from Lucian's Summoning 5 on 22nd floor after defeating Lucien. Reward: 12000 xp, 5000 gold.
  47. Elixir of the Soul - Get Elixir of the Soul from Infinite Maze of Dead 7 on 22nd floor. Reward: 12000 xp, 5000 gold.
  48. ? - Kill Boarmen Chiefs to get Mementos of the Dead, each Memento will give you ~3 seconds in the Infinite Maze of the Dead. You will probably need 40 or more (double that for hardcore). You must have the Lantern of the Dead in your inventory to get the mementos.
  49. Elixir of Life - Get Elixir of Life from Room of Truth on 22nd floor. Reward: 12000 xp, 5000 gold.
  50. Branches of Life - Get 30 Twigs of Life from Blood Golems and return to Spirit of the Tree in Forest of Truth 1. Reward: ? xp, ? gold, Lamp of Truth.
  51. Fountain of Truth - Investigate around the Fountain of Truth with the Lamp, go north to the Room of Truth from the fountain.
  52. To Celty - Meet Celty on the 25th floor. Reward: 12000 xp, 4000 gold, Seal of the Aurum Blade.
  53. The Power of Aurum - Complete the Aurum Blade Challenge. Reward: 15000 xp, 5000 gold.
  54. Kill Marduk - Defeat Marduk on the 25th floor. Reward: 30000 xp, 10000 gold. Can replay in hardcore mode (talk to Ghost Girl in the Village)
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