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Stash Space:Edit

Need more room in your stash? Simply create a new character from the 'New Game' in the Main Menu! Since the 'Stash' is shared with all of your characters, swap items from your Main Character into the Stash and save. Exit to the main menu. Resume with your second (or third) character. Swap items from the Stash into the new character's inventory. Save & Exit to the main menu. Voila, Double or Triple inventory space! These items will be stored in the other character's inventory, so you will never lose them.

No Death Penalty: Edit

Mad about the 20% EXP and Gold decrease on death? then why not load your save file instead. when you die, a message prompt will pop-up asking you if you want to use gems to revive. DO NOT select anything, cause you don't want to waste gems or get the penalty. instead press the return key on your phone to let a prompt appear to quit the game. Quit, open the game again, load your save file. good news: No Penalty, and back to your last area where you saved, so no more journeying back again. bad news: any exp and items you received after your last save file til death will be gone, so i recommend saving frequently (like each risky area) and save if you got a rare item. DO NOT save in the middle of an area where lots of monsters spawn.

Inventory Upgrade:Edit

If you upgrade one character's inventory space using Gems (from 16 to 32 slots, for example), this applies to all characters, 9 gems instantly becomes 48 more slots! This means there is a total of 640 slots!!!!!!! (64x3 items, 64x3 Materials, 64x3 Crystals, 64 Stash)


Blades are to attack, right? Sometimes, they are more useful to distract & deflect. Quite often, your character's attack is far superior to all of your blades put together. Summon blades, then hide behind them like a Thief, poking your head out only when it's safe to. Then Obliterate!! Or better yet, use Long Range attacks while having a shield. They can also be useful in Boss fights to keep the Boss distracted and take all the pain while you dance around & get into position for the next attack.


Suggested Stat Distribution: all into Dex

Suggested Skill Ladder:

Summary & Gameplay Suggestions:

For the first play through, he could use a weapon and a shield because he has a skill that increases efficiency of equipped shield. His 1-handed weapon has very short attack range but his attack speed is fast. With holding 2 weapons will increase damage output but lower his defense by a lot. For the second play through, your main concerned will become elemental defense because every monster in the game deal elemental damage.

Use any skill that can deal range attack and push monsters away from him, so he would not be hurt if he cannot kill those monsters after using the skill. Be very careful! If his level is lower than the monsters he is fighting, he will miss hit more often. That mean, 2 of 1-handed weapons could easily kill him because he cannot hit the monsters. The critical rate does not help when it comes to miss hit. Try to fight monsters that their level is at most 3 levels higher than his.

It is extremely important to have good hp stealing stats if your a dual wealder as you will lose your defense, but your speed can help to overcome this if you can be landing hits that steal 20 or so hp, a good one is the infinity set (daggers).

Allen can max all skills (level 190 & completed 2 play through, level 195 & 1 play through, or level 200).


Suggested Stat Distribution: dex or str

Suggested Skill Ladder:

Summary & Gameplay Suggestions:

Sigmund should be using 2-handed weapon type. His attack speed is very slow when he can hold only 1 weapon; however, the attack range is almost twice as wider as a 1-handed weapon. When he can hold 2 weapons, the attack speed increases a lot (about twice as fast) and the attack range grows a bit wider. However, he should deal normal attack at most 4 times because his 5th attack will be very slow (stop and go). Sigmund skills are not that helpful but rather penalize him because the skill range is shorter than his normal attack range plus he would stop a bit before his skills come out. As a result, monsters can deal damage on him.

Sigmund will always have a problem with range attacker because of his low defense. The skill that increases his defense won't help him much (max at 30% and his base defense is really low). If you play him, go all for offense and try to keep your range from monsters. Preferred blade skills are Stone (MP Stolen Per Hit) and/or Aurum (HP Stolen Per Hit). Do not use a blade skill with range attack because he cannot tank!

Sigmund can max all skills (level 190 & completed 2 play through, level 195 & 1 play through, or level 200).


Suggested Stat Distribution: Full INT (staff). Or a small amount into VIT (wand + shield)

Suggested Skill Ladder:

Summary & Gameplay Suggestions:

As suggested above, use your blades as shields. Enoshu defense can be ignored once she get both of her defense skills -- Spirit Barrier & Counter Barrier -- to at least level 8 (max is the best). Preferred blade skill is Stone (MP Stolen Per Hit). Also, Enoshu will be the most powerful damage dealer & defense later in the game. She has the best crowd control skills and you can combine them with a blade skill. She should equip weapon/armors with adding skill damage bonus. You could ignore critical rate and critical damage bonus.

One side note, do NOT add any point to any Resist element skills. These skills are pretty much useless (+8 to elemental defense which is much worse than a level 70+ equipment) and will not help her at all especially in the normal mode (first play through). Better keep skill points for maxing attack/defense/mastery skills.

The wand + shield build isn't necessary as reflect barrier and spirit barrier will block out almost everything once maxed and she will already have decent armor. However, 1 point in magic shield can help if you are in trouble. For offense energy ball, magic energy (line), meteor, and blizzard (AoE) seem to be the best. Couple these with your stone blade(s), MP steal, and you can keep up a almost continuos stream of these four.

Enoshu has 30 skills, so it may not be possible to max all her skills... So far, my Enoshu level is only 150, so I cannot say anything yet. I do not want to power level her because she is the best for item hunting in power dungeon (can clear every stage of the dungeon including the boss in 18-22 mins without any use of potion).

The hardest part will be owning your way to the boss only to find out you'll need to level grind to be able to beat it [unless you properly set your skills]. ;)

Missions: Edit

If you find missions annoying and time consuming, just don't forget about them and do them when you need to level up. You can also finish more than one mission and claim the reward when you head back.


Every main boss has 3 stages for each 1/3 out its HP. Each stages have different attack sets, patterns and speeds. so keep a close eye on the boss' HP, so you can anticipate a sudden stage change.

Also main boss' can only be damaged after its attacks and turned blue. so don't go mindlessly wailing on the boss.

First boss -- Wooden DestructorEdit

This Boss cannot move and has 3 attacks which are easily telegraphed by which head is moving. The top head will fire laser eye beams following the target, the middle head will cast a stronger version of Enoshu's poison cloud directly to the target, and the bottom head will summon spikes from the ground.

This is an easy boss but DON'T go recklessly attacking, it will kill you in seconds. Here's what you need to do: watch for the head to determine which attack it's going to use, dodge and when it turns blue - now you can damage it. also DO NOT summon your blade needlessly.

  • Laser Eye (top head) - run to the most bottom of the area, also try to move a little to the right and left when you get to the bottom, so it will run out of time before it can hit you.
  • Poison Cloud (middle head) - summon your blade and get away from it. cause your blade will be targeted definitely.
  • Ground Spikes (bottom head) - it has a short range, just move away from the boss.

Now here are the patterns of each stages:

  • Stage 1 - it will only use Top and Bottom heads.
  • Stage 2 - Middle head is now added to the attacks.
  • Stage 3 - all attacks will be used twice. the middle cloud will be annoying in this stage.

Remember :When you see the boss turned blue,That will be the time to attack.

Second boss -- GolemEdit

Chaos Golem has 3 attack types -- flame shooting, call for thunder, and swinging attack in front of it. When he is going to shoot flame, he will move to the top of the screen, shoot flame, and move horizontally toward wherever your character is. The thunder calling is very similar to the tree poison attack -- fall out from the sky and hit you. The swinging attack is simply an attack right in front of him but the catch is he will do waving move randomly (not follow you).

If he is shooting flame, choose a side from the horizontal distance between him and one of the edge (left or right) of the area. The flame will cover the whole vertical range so no way to hide. You need to run away from it and hope that the flame will stop before it hits you or not hit you too many times. If he calls for thunder, the only way to take this is to have your blade taking the damage. Watch out for one thing, the attack is AoE. Therefore, you must stay away from the one being targeted. Your blade need to be able to take the damage at least 2 hits! If not, you may need a lot of potions because he can hit up to 3 times when his HP is less than 1/3. The swinging attack is random, so try to stay away from him (or above him).

Again, after each attack, the boss will become vulnerable for a short period of time.

Third boss -- Goblin LordEdit

Goblin Lord (formerly known as Gordon). He has three attacks that we will call A,B,C :A is a horizontal line attack top to bottom, where he can move vertically indicated my the raising of his right arm (his right not yours) he will always start at the top for this. B is an attack that sends 8 discs in all directions, indicated by the raising of HIS left arm, he will generally be at the bottom of the top section of the map for this and will move a little. C is a berserk sort of attack from top to bottom indicated by both hands being raised.

Note for A and C attacks on the top portion of the map in the far left corner he cannot hit you in any stage (never hit me), this means that the B attack is the biggest threat it can (to a limit) be avoided by going as far to the bottom and a little to the left though it does require luck.

3 phases 1. He will have a pattern of 3 A attacks followed by a B attack. This phase will not have any movement during attacks. 2. Two A attacks followed by a C and then a B. Will start to move during A and B he also sped up.

3. As far as I could tell any organized pattern was thrown out the window, little time to hit him, he moves really fast and will have you moving to fast to find a pattern. GL

Forth boss -- SirenEdit

Siren (AKA that mean lady who makes herself invincible)

Siren has 3 attack types, but only does 2 types when her HP is more than 2/3. First attack type is shooting a big ball of dark energy at the closest target. This energy ball is a homing missile! The second attack type is shooting ice in 8 directions (similar to Goblin Lord's disc). The last attack type is to summon 3 monsters (or 4?) to join the attack.

There is a catch for this boss -- 3 orbs. If not all of these orbs are destroyed, she will always be invincible. Also, the orb has a respawn time if not all of them are destroyed.

The way to deal with her is to summon your blade and leave them attack the orb on either the right or the left. I like to let them attack the right most orb. Then use your character to get rid of the orb at the bottom first, and then the left side. Your character should be able to take out both orbs before they can respawn, and your blade should be able to take out the orb around the same time you get rid of the first orb. Once you break the second orb, run to attack Siren.

While attacking the bottom orb, if you let your blade attack the right (or left) orb, you will not need to worry about the energy ball attack because it will go to your blade. Also, the summon monsters will target your blade as well. The only boss attack you need to watch out is the 8-direction ice attack which shoots out from her.

PS: For this boss, do NOT go near her at any time when she is invincible. You could be dead by her attack even with full HP.

Fifth boss -- MardukEdit

This is the final boss in the game and is divided in two battles. First against Marduk's human form and, after you defeat him, the second battle against Marduk "god mode".

Human Form battle: In that battle Marduk has 3 attack types. First attack type is same as Siren but with less range. The second attack type is to summon 8 spears from the floor around him in random sequence. The last attack type is same as Siren but "amplified", he summon 6 monsters (be aware with this attack, because he can repeat that attack 2 or 3 times and  those 6 monsters can become 18 monsters) 

Strategy: Summon your blade as a tank, wait until he stop, then attack and repeat (when he do the third attack just go away, kill those monsters and start the strategy again).

God Form battle: 3 attack types. First attack type is a high ranged one, he do a violet shockwave with a higher ratio than what the img (sprite) show. The second attack type is a short-medium ranged one, Marduk summon a meteor to his feets. The last attack type is a medium ranged one and he start doing it when him healths pts drop of 3/4, (this attack is like the second one of his human form but with more range and with energy pillars in place of spears) 

Strategy: Run as far from him as you can, wait until he stop and attack (you should use range skills if you don't want to die or spend too much time running). 

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