Yuna in the Library provides a number of quests that involve finding a flower in the tower.
  1. Gathering: Mocumocu - Flower found on 3rd floor, Place of Record 2; Nearby bookshelves (Northeast of Map)
  2. Gathering: Lalania - Flower found on 4th floor, Miniature Garden 2; Nearby fountain (South East of Map)
  3. Gathering: Triloni - Flower found on 5th floor, Forest of Life 2; Between tree and wall (East of Map)
  4. Gathering: Langcu - Flower found on 7th floor, Nest of Gorgon; Following the right fork from the first room (North East of Map)
  5. Gathering: Maini - Flower found on 9th floor, Gold Workroom 4; Northern corner of map.
  6. Gathering: Chalolo - Flower found on 10th floor Way to the Quarry 3, but is only reachable from going down stairs on 11th floor Rest Area of Wind 3. It is next to stairs blocked by rubble and a Golden Box that is guaranteed to spawn a Legendary Chain of Calm ring (Req L16, +163 HP, All Resist +4, Skill Damage +24), Large Healing Potion, Medium High Potion and 1200 gold. You can save the game before opening the chest and reload if the random abilities aren't too good.
  7. Gathering: Balbang - Flower found on 13th floor, Tower Reactor 3 in the southwest.
  8. Gathering: Longchang - Flower found on 16th floor, Water Temple 2, in the north. Reward: 5000 xp, 5000 gold, Boots of Nature's Caretaker (Req L44, 29 DEF, +10 All Resist, +5 to 9 All Stats, + one to three random stats), 5 Stat points.
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