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Whenever I play RPG, I’d like to choose a ranged auto-attacker or spell-caster to pull a big mob and one-shot them. This is exactly why I chose Enoshu in the first place. I have finished the normal mode when I was 85 with simply a legendary +9 staff. I farmed dungeons up to 94 before I start hardcore mode. I hate not having guides when play a game and leveling up the wrong skills! I thought I should write something after finishing normal mode. This guide is only a recommended way of playing Enoshu. You should still have your own play style just so gaming is fun!


Heavy damage is the only reason I chose mage so two-handed weapon (Staff) is the best for this build. Of course you will have to sacrifice some awe

some stats and defense from shields. I find wands and shield generally have better stats. However I don’t find that outdo staffs’ high damage. When you pull a same-level mob and all you need to do is press two or three skills, you will find it worth it!

Enchantment Edit

For weapon enchantment, I suggest you keep your enchanting stones until higher level say 50 to 60 or higher when you don’t change weapons so often. You will change your weapon every 10 to 15 levels because higher level weapons outdo the damage from enchanting. I would stop at +8 to +9 should be enough. I may go higher depending on how many enchanting stones I have left.

There are penalties for enchanting if you fail:

For +1 to +5, there is no penalty but the success rate falls with higher enchantment level. For +6 to +10, the penalty is to decrease one enchantment level.

For +11 to the highest +15, the penalty is to initialise the enchantment level which means if you fail you start from +0.


Homunculus Staff

You can get enchanting stones randomly from killing monsters and opening chests. You can also make them through alchemy.


Use lowest class Amber on your weapon. The lower crystal class, the stronger. Even the weakest crystal gives you +10% experience. Always get two or more slotted weapons. Other equipments you can use diamond for higher INT.


To work out how much damage/effect a skill will have at Lv 10, just multiply the increase every level by nine. And remember to multiply how many times a skill can hit. For example, Lightning Lv 1 does 70% damage up to Five times and every level it gives 10% damage increase. So the maximum damage (hitting your target up to Five times) you can do with Lightning Lv 10 is (70% + 10% x9) x5 = 800%. I hope this gives you an idea of how to work out damage of Lv 10 skills, especially before you hit the Skill Lvel Up button!

So you have eight hot keys for your active skills, plus blade altogether nine. I’d like to use four attack skills and four buffs.

Straight-line AttackEdit

Straight line attack skills are the one on the top left square on your Skill page. These skills are quite spammable. They help you through your low to mid levels. They are good for for their low cool-down during boss fight and they can knock back your enemies just like your normal attacks.

Knock back is good when you got aggro and want to push monsters away or to your blade. But if you stand too far from the mob, you will miss one or two hits of you skills. That sucks! Also, knock-back is an exception for some higher level bosses.

Your enemies does not always stay in a straight line so you need to pull your mob in a right way. The way I do it is to stack them up against the wall with my normal attack and then use a straight line skill. It will hit everyone in line just like an AoE.

I only get Magic Energy Lv10 to help boss fight and clean up mobs when I miss one or two monsters. Area of effect (AoE) skills are much more mana-efficient. Here are the skills I put points in:

Lightning Lv1

Shoot Lightening in a straight line to give 70% of attack damage up to Five times. At level 10, it gives 160% of attack damage and hits up to Five times.

Chaotic Wave Lv1 (Lv1 is prerequisite for Magic Energy)

Shoot Dark Enemy in a straight line to deliver 90% of attack damage up to Three times. At level 10, it gives 225% of attack damage and hits up to Three times.

Magic Energy Lv1

Magical bolts fire in a straight line to deliver 92% of attack damage up to Four times. At level 10, it gives 200% of attack damage and hits up to Four times.

Lightning and Magic Energy gives the highest damage because of more hits. They do the same damage at level 10. I suggest putting a point in Magic Energy just so you can swap skills when one is down and to get through bosses and mobs easily.

Area of Effect (AoE) SkillsEdit

AoE skills can hit enemies in range. But each AoE skills its own range. You can unlock them all when you reach Lv 25.

Meteor Strike Lv1

Meteorites from the sky attack two times with 120% of attack damage. At level 10, it hits twice with 300% of attack damage.

It hits the enemies in front of and those very close to you so you need to face your enemy when you use it. Meteor hits only twice to deal all the damage. It is very useful during higher level boss fight when they are only vulnerable for a limited period of time.

Poison Cloud Lv1

Summon a poisonous cloud to attack the surrounding area with 72% of attack damage up to Three times. At level 10, it gives 180% of attack damage and hit up to Three times.

Poison Cloud hits enemies in a circle around you. This skill has a slight delay before casting. However, it does not do a lot of damage compared to Meteor Strike or Blizzard. Lv1 is good enough.

Blizzard Lv1

Summon blizzards to attack surrounding area with 77% of attack damage up to Five times. Its range is like Poison Cloud but it hits more with higher damage. Your bread and butter in this build. The only thing is long cool down.

Defensive Skills & Buffs

One thing good about Enoshu is her own support skills. She has three shielding skills and can lower enemy defense and attack. The shielding skills are very important because you will be very fragile without a shield and VIT. For all buffing and shield skills, they last 183 second at level 10.

Spirit Barrier Lv1

For 58sec duration, hero blocks monster attack with the rate of 20%. At level 10 it blocks with the rate of 65%.

It is your main shielding skills, it can for 65% chance to completely block incoming damage including bosses’ skills. Even though you can use your blade to tank. When it comes to pulling big mobs and fighting bosses with AoE skills you will need your own defense.

Counter Barrier Lv1

For 58sec duration, hero reflects received damage to back to the monster with the rate of 20%. I put 10 points in it because it helps block incoming damage.

Magic shield Lv1

For 58sec duration, a magic barrier redirects absorbed damage to MP instead of HP by rate of 100%. At level 10, it only increases in duration but not HP to MP ratio.

Even though you have two shielding skills to block damage, you will still find pulling big mobs and fighting bosses difficult. This skill is the second layer of defense after your barriers to prevent you from getting one-shotted by high damage enemies. It is awesome but the ratio is very high so you will need MP Recovery, high INT, high MP. Get it after you have leveled up AoEs and passive skills. I will try and test if Remind (decrease MP required for skills) works with Magic shield. But for normal mode, this can cover you for most of the mobs until the final boss.

Passive Skills Edit

Staff Mastery

Attack Damage of Staff increase by 7%, so does Critical Damage by 9%. At level 10, it increases Attack Damage by 25% and Critical Damage by 35%.

Magic Wand Mastery

Attack Damage of Wand increases by 7%, so does Skill Damage by 5%. At level 10, it increases Attack Damage by 25% and Skill Damage by 35%.

I know it’s very controversial as to whether you use Wand or Staff. For Staff, the Critical Damage in Staff Master is useless because you don’t hit with Critical Damage but Skill Damage. But this build has full INT and higher weapon damage plus enhancement damage that aims at heavy damage output.

Blade Edit

For Blade, use Stone Blade for MP steal. The number, duration and effect of blade increases with Blade level. You can increase your Blade’s level by re-challenging the Blade dungeon.


Novelist Necklace

Leveling & FarmingEdit

Do every quest you can to get skill points rewards at the end. You can in total get five skills points for completing all the historian and novelists quests. You can alternately farm Blade, Boar and Power Dungeons to stay away from boredom. BD is best for experience because of the mobs respawn once you re-enter a map but only Boar King gives the loots. Once you kill Boar King, all mobs will increase by two levels. Power Dungeon is good for loots but the mobs do not respawn. Both give good experience and need daily free ticket.

For farming, log in daily to get daily free dungeon ticket. I usually go for power dungeon to get crystals, weapons, socketing stones and enchanting stones. Expand your inventory if you can just so you benefit the most from every dungeon trip. After finishing the main quests, you can farm up and level at dungeons. The final boss is 85 or 87 so I will farm up to 110 or higher before I start normal mode. It was very fun to play a ranged character. Feel free to comment especially from people who use wands. I really want to know how much more or less damage Wand-user does. Enjoy gaming!!

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