Enoshu is a mage who either uses a Staff (2 handed) or a wand (1 handed) She can easily clear out a group of mobs without getting scratched. This guide is for Wands


  • Easy to start with
  • Only needs one stat
  • High Skill Damage
  • Has the "Ultimate Defense"
  • IMO she is the best


  • Buff dependent, without Buffs, she is paper

But thats not really a Con right? I can't think of anything else

Stat Build Edit

Very simple, just put everything on Int, but when you do hit the limit ( like at level 180ish? @ 400 Int when everything is unequipped) put the remainder on VIT. Enoshu can survive even with a very low VIT stat thanks to her Buffs.

Equipment Edit

This guide is for Wands so main weapon is of course a magic wand paired with a shield

But first a comparison between Staves and Wands as to why IMO wands are better

Initially Staves look like it has higher damage, but Socketed Shields and passive skills are overlooked, Socketed shields with bonus stats provide more INT, damage, and block than just using Staves, Also the Passive skill of Staves contributes to crit damage which is not really used since skills dont Crit, whereas passive skill of wands have increased Skill damage. Also Black Magician Shield and Black Magician Tiara is used for a maximum INT which will be revealed below

To be able to equip some shields with VIT requirement, you'll need a "Trick" .First you'll need Amber Crystals, "Any Socketed Pieces of equipments" and/or " any socketed Set Equips that favor VIT increases". The goal here is to place Amber onto the "equips", and then equip them, until VIT requirement is met for a certain shield ,then equip shield, and then you can safely change to your Main equipments. But this one is not really needed at all because her best equipment set no matter what level includes Black Magician Shield which does not have any VIT requirement

When you reach level 25 up until level 55 or 125 till 155 (hardcore), start farming in Boar dungeon to get Tiara of Black Magician and Shield of Black Magician,

This is an example on a level 99/199 Enoshu Equipment, and this is the best set of equipment

  • Head: Tiara of Black Magician
  • Armor: Armor of Ishtar
  • Gloves: Gloves of Ishtar
  • Boots: Boots of Leonidas
  • Ring: Ring of Leonidas
  • Necklace: Necklace of Ishtar
  • Weapon: Wand of Ishtar
  • Shield: Shield of Black Magician

Enoshu doesn't really need Defense attribute, so the main focus of this equipment set is to maximize damage, skill damage and INT. A 2 piece Black Magician provides a very high INT, higher than any of the set equips, and the combination of tiara and shield gives out more INT and Magic increase. This is one of the reasons why magic wands are better than staves.

Skill Guide Edit

Main Damaging skills (1st page shortcuts)

  • Magic Energy/Chaotic Wave (Chaotic Wave has higher damage output but has less AoE, I chose Magic Energy becuase of AoE)
  • Meteor Strike (a 2 hit Huge damage dealer, with a good set of equipment, most of the time the first hit kills an entire mob easily)
  • Blizzard, no need to explain
  • Demolition Attack, this skill can either be better than Blizzard or the other way around. It's description doesn't really describe everything about it, hence this is overlooked. It can hit those on your sides and on your back twice (this makes metoer strike better) BUT Those infront of Enoshu can get hit 3 times (small enemies) or 4 times (huge enemies/bosses) because of the revolution of the pillars hence this makes it her highest damaging skill.
  • I recommend keeping these skills at low levels, i kept mine at level 1 even when fighting Marduk because i preferred survivability and also magical sword, wand mastery, and memorize are more beneficial to all of your skills rather than just upping one skill up "(i fought marduk at level 80 with just level 1 of all these damaging skills , and i could've fought him at level 70 but i kept missing so i got annoyed)

Buffs (2nd page shortcuts)

  • Magical Sword - Max this before Adding skill points to Damaging skills and after maxing Magic Wand
  • Magic Shield - keep at level one only because it doesn't have any additional bonus, only duration, so just recast.
  • Spirit Barrier (Main Priority) Max this before anything else,
  • Counter Barrier (Main Priority) Max this before anything else paired with Spirit Barrier, this makes Enoshu undefeatable
  • Contract of Iron - When you get the hang of Enoshu, replace magic shield with this, also another reason to replace is magic shield drains a lot of your mana when hit which is not recommended at Hardcore mode


  • Magic Wand Mastery - Max this before Adding skill points to Damaging skills, magical sword and Memorize , it improves your attack damage and skill damage which is beneficial to ALL of your skills instead of leveling just one skill
  • Memorize - Max this first too before focusing on damaging skills
  • Remind - this is a better priority than Spirit time, you can cast more skills with 50% MP reduction rather than increasing your MP pool by only 30%. This also synergizes well with MP Recovery as you can cast skills earlier

Late Game/Hardcore

  • Recharge
  • Spirit Time
  • Increase
  • Armoring
  • Resistances

Skills to Ignore/Keep at level one

  • Dragon Fear - defense reduction is not really beneficial and you can hardly feel the effects of it,
  • Dragon Shouting - not a good combo when you have counter barrier
  • Lightning keep at level 1 for requirement
  • Chaotic Wave keep at level 1 for requirement
  • Ice Lance Ignore
  • Poison Cloud keep at level 1 for requirement
  • Staff mastery - duh
  • Recovery Hp keep at level 1 for requirement, also because in hardcore mode, utilizing passive Increase is better, recovery HP easily breaks you away from it so not recommended

For clarification, Counter Barrier Blocks AND Reflects back damage, Spirit Barrier only blocks

Having Spirit Barrier, Counter Barrier, and a shield (and sometimes magic shield) is the reason why Enoshu has the "Ultimate Defense" whenever the enemy attacks, enemy might miss but if it doesn't, Spirit barrier comes in play, if it fails, Counter Barrier comes in, if it fails, your shield blocks attack, if it fails you get hit. And if you have magic shield, you don't get damage at all.

Blade Edit

Most people choose Stone Blade because of MP Steal, but IMO, she doesn't really need it, besides whats the use of potions? Fire Blade is a better choice because of cooldown reduction, you can cast skills a lot faster, and can use potions a lot faster.

Again IMO, Enoshu is the best in this game, with the ultimate defense, she is too imbalanced and with AoE skills, she can clear out mobs pretty easily

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