If you go left from the Way to the Tower, you will find the Boar Dungeon and a boar named Dr Seuss. Dr Seuss describes what to expect in the Boar Dungeon. The Boar Dungeon uses a Power Dungeon Ticket, but is quite different. The monsters respawn, but they don't drop items. It only consists of 6 parts, shaped like a circle. You are timed to find and defeat the Boar King, who is in a different room every time. By defeating him, you get rare and set items. The monster level is one above you current level. Each time you defeat the Boar King, the monster level increases by 2. The Boar King can be defeated multiple times, until the time runs out. Players will not suffer a penalty from dying. Saving is not allowed, along with enchanting and smelting. In the Boar Dungeon you will find Violent Boarmen and Boarman Generals. It is suggested to take out of your inventory what you don't need, such as items that cannot be equipped, town scrolls, enchanting stones, and dissolving solutions, to make room for maximum income. It is HIGHLY recommended to bring health potions, as the enemies get WAY stronger (trust me I know because I've killed the Boar King 7 times in one going and I'm level 103). Also bring armor with different elemental resists, because the Boarmen (for some reason) are elemental.