Why One-handed weapon and shield? Edit

Most people ignore the Allen's Weapon and Shield route,specifically Blade and Shield. which I personally prefer than the Dual wielding Allen. here is why:

  • You can easily get good enough CRIT RATE(or even max it to 95%) even without Dex increases, thus STR will give you tons of CRIT DMG is far benficial for you. (i havent reach cap yet, so i may update this more)
  • Extra defense and block rate from shields, not to mention the Shield Mastery will give your defense 50% more (that's total defense, not with the shield's defense alone). Also you won't die as fast if a group of enemies or a boss lands a lucky hit on you.
  • One-hand may be slower than dual-wielding, but it is still fast enough. Besides with the massive CRIT DMG, you'll only need to hit a couple of times till the target dies.
  • Remember, dual-wielding decreases DEF by 50% and HIT RATE is down to 60%, you will have to waste 20 skill points just to normalize those two stats. You can use those extra skills points on other useful things.

What's the catch? Edit

Everything has its ups and downs:

  • Since you have a single weapon, your attacks will be less in quantity and gaps are wide enough where enemies will have a chance to hit you, even more so if you miss.
  • Stat requirements are a pain, since your stat are mostly STR (or all-STR), you will have bit of problem to equip the high level Shields, a even more pain with Blades.
  • Less Crystals for weapons to equipped, this is why "HP per hit" is not as good for you.

Why Blade (weapon)? Edit

In all honestly, Blade and Daggers are hard to maintain, since you need DEX to equip them, high level weapons requires tons of stats. I would recommend Axe or Mace if your unprepared for Dex-types. The trick is, find a gear with enough "all-stat" and "dex" boost to equip the dex-type weapons, then change back to your original gear, even if your stat isnt enough, you will still have it equipped.

Blades just gives more CRIT DMG, but if you want STR-types, go for a Mace, stun is good for mobs, but doesnt work on bosses though. Axe is good too since it increases "Max DMG" but its just 10% though.

Stat Distribution: Edit

STR only - big damage (base damage + crit damage) i prefer this one. but its up to you. STR 3 / VIT 1 - not as big, but has higher HP and DEF, not to mention, really helps with Shield requirements.

Skill Distribution: Edit

  • Force Shouting (level 1) - needed for the next skill.
  • Concentration (level MAX) - that 50% CRIT RATE buff is awesome.
  • Sharpening (level 1) - needed for the next skill.
  • Finish Blow (level MAX) - 100% CRIT DMG!
  • Shield Mastery MAX - 50% DEF!

What's next? it's up to you if you want to increase CRIT RATE - go max Sharpening, which will bump your CRIT RATE to 70+(with buff). need an extra DMG buff - go max Force Shouting for a 30% damage buff. after these, get Power Potion (i'll explain later)

Why not, get the Blade Mastery or other Weapon Mastery skills? Edit

Here's the problem, it's not easy to get what you need, sometimes you'll get an awesome mace, and a crappy Blade. of course you'll use the better weapon. which makes the mastery useless for the moment,until you get an even better Blade.

Where are the other Active Skills? Edit

cause Skills can't Critical, if only it can, i'll be dishing out massive damage. only get them if you got all you needed.

Power Potion? Edit

you only got one weapon and its not as fast as dual wielding, thus you can't maximize the "HP gain per hit" upgrades. so, you'll be using potions. and these things are pricey by the numbers, you want to double the healing with cheaper potions. besides, your DEF and BLOCK helps, if they got too close for a hit.

Which Blade to Summon? Edit

Ice Blade is a good start, that extra CRIT RATE buff helps. i only use blades for tanking, Melee have a weakness for ranged enemies, they're annoying. unless, you maxed crit rate with buff and gears, then change. Silver Blade is also good, DEF debuff, will further your destructive attacks. Aurum Blade is not bad, "HP gain per hit" may be not as effective for you, but it still helps pretty well.

Gears and Crystals: Edit

I won't be giving further details on which gears to use, cause there are times you want to change it up depending on the situation, it's up to you which you would prefer. Refer to Sets and Legendary lists.

as for Crystals... Pink Diamonds are good candidates, it won't be as effective though. of course what we are aiming for at the end is to get 4 set of blades that consist of elemental crystals (one of each element).

Crystal for Armors - go for STR or VIT (sadly, you'll only get 18 for str, but vit will give 20). or go for broke and get elementals.

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