Alchemist Flamel in the Village gives a number of quests relating to Alchemy. The first quest is given after the Suspicious Symbol main quest.

  1. Meet the alchemist - Speak to Flamel's Daughter in Shining Dawn Village.
  2. Disappearance of the Alchemist - Find Alchemist Flamel on 4th Floor Miniature Garden 1. He is in the northwest corner.
  3. Confirmation of a safe return - Speak to Alchemist Flamel in Shining Dawn Village. Reward: ? xp, ? gold, 5 Iron Dissolving Solutions, 5 Lead Dissolving Solutions, 5 Copper Dissolving Solutions, 5 Mercury Dissolving Solutions. Can now purchase the same solutions from his daughter.
  4. Researching the Ether - Get 20 natural sulfur powders from Golems on 4th floor. Reward: ? XP, ? gold, Recipe: Ether.
  5. Spell Stone of Enchantment - Get Secret of Enchantment from 5th floor Forest of Life 5, in SE corner. Reward: ? XP, ? gold, Recipe: Enchanting Stone, 5 Enchanting Stones.
  6. Researching the Making of Elixir - Get 20 Truffles from Boarmen in the tower. Reward: ? XP, ? gold, 10 small high potions, Recipe: Small High Potion, Recipe: Medium High Potion, Recipe: Large High Potion.
  7. Researching the Berserker Set - Get Research Record of the Berserker from 6th floor's Place of Dazzlement 2. Take white stone, red stone, green stone, yellow stone, chest on right before the red stone. Reward: ? XP, ? gold, Recipe: Helm of the Berserker, Recipe: Armor of the Berserker, Recipe: Boots of the Berserker.
  8. The Secret of Gold Transmutation - Get the Secret of Gold Transmutation from 9th Floor Golden Workroom 2. Located just north of the bottom entrance. Reward: 1000 XP, 800 gold, Recipe: Silver, Recipe: Gold.
  9. Solvents of Gold and Silver - Get 30 Fresh Eggs from Orc Heavy Infantry on 11th floor Rest Area of Wind. Reward: ? XP, ? gold, 5 Silver Dissolving Solutions, 5 Gold Dissolving Solutions, 5 stat points. Can now purchase all dissolving solutions from his daughter.
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